Coffee Talk: Galentines – because hey, you ladies rock

February 5, 2018
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Around this time last year, one of my favorite bloggers Lauren Kelp, offered to send Valentine’s to anyone who offered up their mailing address. If you haven’t heard of Lauren Kelp, you need to. She is #bloggergoals to the max. I’ve been following her for about 3-4 years, and the one thing I really love about her is that she doesn’t get wrapped up in the madness of being a blogger (i.e., ain’t no Gucci belts on this babe). At the time when she mentioned on her story that she wanted to send Valentine’s to her followers, I had just started The Doctorette…I mean, I don’t even think my Instagram had any followers yet. So, when I received Lauren’s Valentines card in the mail, it meant the world to me.

It’s been on our fridge to remind me of why I started down this blogging path. So, in honor of my favorite blogger babe Lauren, I’ve decided to follow in her footsteps and send my own Valentine’s this year, because hey, who doesn’t love getting snail mail that isn’t a bunch of bills? Am I right?!

Alright, so email me (nicole(at)thedoctorette(dot)com) your home addresses if you would like to receive a special Valentine in the mail from me. Or you can message me on Instagram at @thedoctorette!