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I was asked to model for Feelgoodz, a local Raleigh-based company that makes ethically-sourced footwear, including sandals and slippers. Feelgoodz products are crafted by artisans in some of the most remote villages in Guatemala, Thailand, Vietnam, and around the world. Feelgoodz has developed relationships with their partners in these villages and they are dedicated to empowering these communities through fair-trade and consistent work opportunities.

(pictured here: Feelgoodz Lizzielooms)

I was pumped (to say the least). I love shoes. Let’s be honest. Nathan probably wishes he had his own closet at this point. I was excited to get an opportunity to try this product first hand. What I loved the most about Feelgoodz slippers is the story. Empowering communities and providing opportunities for work makes me truly feel good about purchasing these products.

(pictured here: Feelgoodz Women’s Slippers)

(pictured here: Women’s Feelgoodz Slippers – Raven)
(pictured here: Feelgoodz Timber Slipper)

Each slipper is unique. The weavers in these villages use traditional looms so it takes hours to complete one design. These traditional methods yield a unique result because it shows the subtle imperfections of manuel weaving compared to more common machine weaving techniques.

Did I mention that they make a perfect holiday gift! I’ll definitely be including these in my gift guide and Nathan might find a pair of these under the tree this year 😉

I enjoyed getting to know the Feelgoodz team during this photoshoot! If you are interesting in getting a pair for yourself you can purchase them directly from their website. They are also sold at select Whole Foods/Whole Body locations!

What else would you like to see in my Holiday Shopping Guide?

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*This post was not sponsored by Feelgoodz, and all opinions are my own.




  1. Nicole Green | 8th Nov 17

    Those slippers look so cozy; they’d be great for Christmas morning!

    • Nicole | 9th Nov 17

      Yes! They absolutely are, and heck girl, I’ll be wearing them everyday AND on Christmas morning 😉

  2. MCKENNA TRAHAN | 8th Nov 17

    I’m a huge fan of slippers and these are just so cute! Love the patterns. So festive!

    • Nicole | 9th Nov 17

      Aren’t the patterns great? I think they do a nice job of being festive and still unique looking!

  3. Stesha | 8th Nov 17

    slippers are the best ever in winter!


    • Nicole | 9th Nov 17

      Absolutely! 🙂

  4. Anna English | 9th Nov 17

    These look perfect for lounging around the house!

    • Nicole | 9th Nov 17

      They so are! They also can be used outside, so if I have to run out to the car sometimes I’ll throw them on too!

  5. Maggie | 9th Nov 17

    I love slippers! If I’m at home, I’m wearing them. I need to check out these!

    • Nicole | 9th Nov 17

      Same here! You absolutely should!

  6. Stephanie | 9th Nov 17

    These would seriously make the best Christmas gift. They look so comfy. I know my fiancé has been wanting a robe for Christmas, so I might just have to get him some slippers to go with!

  7. Michelle Zavodny | 9th Nov 17

    I need to get some for my hubs! He seriously wears this nasty free pair from a Hilton Hotel, haha. I hateeee it!

    • Nicole | 9th Nov 17

      I literally LOL’d when I read this. Nathan would totally do something like this. In fact, if he stayed at a hotel where there were free slippers they would absolutely end up back at our house.

  8. Jenna Colgrove | 11th Nov 17

    those are so cute! i need some!

    • Nicole | 13th Nov 17

      Aren’t they great! Perfect holiday gift 🙂

  9. Katya | 11th Nov 17

    This is my type of brand. I am hooked by products made by artisans. There is a great touch to it and by just looking at it, you know it has been taken care of properly.

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    • Nicole | 13th Nov 17

      Absolutely, and they really do a lot of good for the communities they’re in. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Jessica | 13th Nov 17

    Those look so comfy! Perfect for the holidays!
    xo Jessica

    • Nicole | 13th Nov 17

      Absolutely! I’m wearing mine right now 😉

  11. Kelsey | 15th Nov 17

    I am the slipper queen- always wearing mine around the house. These ones are so cute! xo

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