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I wanted to start this by saying “Happy Monday“, but then had that moment where I typed the words, and felt completely fake because – let’s face it – not every Monday is a happy one.

I’m finally starting to feel close to well again after being sick with some sort of upper respiratory grossness for almost two weeks. Even though I’ve been resting and taking time off, life has kept on marching on. Meaning, I’m way behind on everything – work, blog, laundry, working out – you name it, it’s probably on my (ever-growing) to-do list. But, here is one thing off my to-do list that I’m really excited to share with you…


I’ve been cooking up this idea for a new series on The Doctorette called Coffee Talk. I love coffee. Sitting with a hot cup of coffee in the morning reading the news, blogs, and other outlets is my favorite way to start my day. I wanted to create something that you could also enjoy reading while sipping your morning hot bev’ of choice.

I’ll be posting a new edition of the Coffee Talk series every Monday. I’m leaving this as a open space for expressing my perspective on current events, my personal relationships, work-life balance, or a really great lunch I had over the weekend. It’s all on the table.

This series will eventually incorporate video. Nathan and I always thought it would be really funny to video us having coffee (or sharing a meal) because we’re territorial eaters. It’s quite comical to witness first hand. We literally have “his” and “her” sides of the pizza. You need a passport, visa, and a lot of bribing money to get to the other side.

So, let’s hear your recommendations! What do you want to talk about? Nothing is off the table so give me the best you’ve got. Comment below or send me a message at nicole[at]thedoctorette[dot]com!



SO stoked for this Nicole! XOXO – Em