Urban Style with Peppertrain

August 15, 2017
Reading Time: 3 minutes

I come from a pretty artsy family. My omi (grandma in Deutsch) paints the most picturesque southern California desert scenes, and my dad has talent in spades for design, color, and texture. Coincidentally, Nathan’s mother, Allyson, is also an artist (see post here). Our house is decorated with familial art work. Integrating the idea of art into my personal style is something I enjoy. Why not wear pieces that are just as unique as you are? So, when I first came across Peppertrain Jewelry by Kaitlin Ryan, I knew it would be a perfect addition to my style repertoire. Every piece is truly wearable art.

Peppertrain – The Statement | Bare Naked

Peppertrain – The Andy | Ladies Night 

Peppertrain – The Sunday | Peacock

Necklace: Peppertrain – The Everyday | Blush / Earrings: Peppertrain

Each piece is unique. Every bead is made by hand so there are variations in each finished product. Meaning that each piece is as unique as its owner – one of a kind.

When I asked Kaitlin the inspiration behind the name “Peppertrain” she said that it was a nickname of hers because she is “a little bit sassy and peppery, and always going 100 miles an hour in all directions”. If this doesn’t sound like the modern woman, I don’t know what does. I’ve had so much fun working with the lady boss behind Peppertrain, and…

…in honor of this fabulous collaboration, Peppertrain has offered a 20% discount code, collablove“, to all of you lovely people. So, go ahead, treat yo self!

Also a shoutout to Emily Lyons-Wood (the fabulous human behind the lens of this photoshoot) who completely rocks. You definitely need to check her out.


Jewelry: Peppertrain Jewelry  // Instagram: @peppertrain1

Photography: Emily Lyons-Wood Photography (here) // Instagram: @ilymily101