Poetry – No. 01

July 30, 2020

There’s a spider on my ceiling.
He’s small –
Most people would never notice him.
But I do.
He haunts my dreams.
How is it that such a small thing can cause such distress in my mind?
His presence mocks me
I can’t reach him
But he could reach me if he wanted to

Is that how we feel about the things we fear
Our fears are able to reach us –
Sneak up on us when we least expect it
But we are unable to reach them –
As if we’re powerless to act –
Frozen –

I acknowledge him – my fear –
He stays silent and unmoving.
Perhaps we should commune with our fears
Find the common ground where neither strikes
A common existence on the same plane 

There’s still a spider on my ceiling
But I’m not afraid






















(If you want to share my poetry, or the image above, you are welcome to. Just be sure to give credit when you do.)


You’re a lot bigger than the spider, and so too your fears!