Blue Ridge Leaders’ School: Through the Eyes of a Staff Member

June 28, 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Where in the world has The Doctorette been for the last week?

Well, I volunteer my time throughout the year and for a week in the month of June serving teens from all over the eastern United States at the YMCA Blue Ridge Leaders’ School (BRLS).

Blue Ridge Leaders’ School was created in 1922 with the goal of helping teens develop in spirit, mind, and body. Teens take mid-terms and final exams so don’t be fooled by all the fun we’re having in this video – this is a school!

I teach two classes at BRLS: Character Development and Adv. Character Development. This class is meant to help teens gain a greater understanding of personal character traits including, respect, honesty, caring, inclusion and patriotism. Each day of the school is assigned one of the character traits and it’s a theme throughout the day.

In Character Development, we dive deep into discussing these traits, how they manifest in their lives, how they can grow in this trait, and how they can bring this trait back to their home YMCA’s and communities.

I hope you enjoy seeing inside BRLS 2019 from the eyes of a staff member!

Music: “Rivers and Roads” by The Head and the Heart