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Small Business Spotlight – Durham Distillery

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Gin Fizz, Gin & Tonic, & Martinis – oh my! And that’s just naming a few of my favorite gin cocktails. Lucky for us North Carolinians because we’re home to one of the best gin distilleries in the country – Durham Distillery. In fact, they were…

Diablo Verde: Mezcal cilantro margarita recipe

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I’ve been working on perfecting my margarita for a while now. I’ve spent many long nights toiling over lime to tequila ratios and debating between simple syrup or agave nectar. My recipe has evolved over time…the jalapeño floater after a drink I had…

Tortillas & Tequila

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! or…Happy Cinco de Mayo! If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be tacos. I mean, instead of the saying “more than a fat kid loves cake!”, mine would be, “more than Nicole loves…

Sunday Night Eats: Ricotta Gnocchi

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The first dish Nathan and I ever cooked together was homemade ricotta gnocchi. We are both major pasta lovers (see our homemade pasta recipe here) and gnocchi is the perfect comfort food, and an added bonus…it’s easy to make! So, what will you need? Pretty much…

Blood Orange Cocktails – Three Ways

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Just in time for a UNC win! #Tipsytuesday? Well, I don’t know about all of that, but we did have an amazing Chapel Hill win last night for the NCAA Championship. Instead of going out to a bar, we decided to watch the game from the comfort of…